Beanies 2000 Listing
___2000 Holiday Teddy
___2000 Signature Bear
___2001 Holiday Teddy
___2001 Signature Bear
___Addison the Baseball Bear
___Ariel the Bear
___Aruba the Fish
___Aurora the Polar Bear
___Bananas the Monkey
___Billionaire Bear #3
___Brigitte the Pink Poodle
___Buckingham the Bear
___Bushy the Lion
___Buzzie the Bee
___Buzzy the Buzzard
___Cashew the Brown Teddy
___Cassie the Collie
___Celebrate the Bear
___Cheery the Sunshine Bear
___Cheezer the Mouse
___China the Panda
___Chinook the Bear
___Cinders the Black Bear
___Classy the Bear
___Clubby III the Bear
___Dart the Blue Dart Frog
___Darling the Dog
___Dearest the Bear
___Diddley the Fantasy Dog
___Dinky the Duck
___Dizzy the Dalmation Dog
___Eggs the Bear
___Fetcher the Brown Dog
___Flashy the Peacock
___Fleecie the Lamb
___Float the Butterfly
___Frigid the Penguin
___Frills the Hornbill Bird
___Giganto the Wooly Mammoth
___Glow the Lightning Bug
___Grace the Praying Bunny
___Hairy the Spider
___Halo II the Angel Bear
___Hero the Bear
___Hopper the Bunny
___Hornsly the Triceratops
___Howl the Wolf
___Huggy the Bear
___India the Lion
___Issy the Bear
___Jester the Clownfish
___Kaleidoscope the Cat
___Kooky the Cat
___Lefty 2000 the Donkey
___Lurky the Turkey
___M.C.Beanie the Bear
___Mellow the Bear (tie-die)
___Midnight the Black Panther
___Morrie the Eel
___Mr the Groom Bear
___Mrs the Bride Bear
___Nectar the Hummingbird
___Niles the Camel
___Nipponia the Bear
___Oats the Horse
___Patriot the Bear (Left foot)
___Patriot the Bear (Right foot)
___Peek-a-boo the Turtle
___Pellet the Hamster
___Periwinkle the eBeanie
___Pierre the Bear
___Poopsie the Bear
___Poseidon the Whale Shark
___Prince the Frog
___Propeller the Flying Fish
___Purr the Kitten
___Regal the King Charles Spaniel
___Righty 2000 the Elephant
___Roxie the Reindeer (black nose)
___Roxie the Reindeer (red nose)
___Rufus the Dog
___Runner the Mustelidae
___Sakura the Bear
___Sarge the German Shepherd
___Scurry the Beetle
___Shamrock the Bear
___Siam the Siamese Cat
___Slayer the Dragon
___Smart the Owl
___Smooch the Bear
___Sneaky the Leopard
___Sniffer the Beagle Dog
___Snowgirl the Snowgirl
___Speckles the eBeanie
___Springy the Lavender Bunny
___Squirmy the Glow Worm
___Starlett the Kitten
___Sunny the eBeanie
___Swampy the Alligator
___Swoop the Pterodactyl
___'Thank You' the Bear
___The Beginning the Bear
___Tradee the Bear
___Trickster the Retriever
___Trumpet the Elephant
___U.S.A the Bear
___Unity the Bear
___Whiskers the Terrier
___Wisest the Owl
___Wiggly the Octopus

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