Picker 1.0 (171 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) takes a screen shot of your desktop and then allows you to pick individual colours from the image and save the hex value on your clipboard.
Font View 7.0 (257 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) is a little freeware utility we've written for viewing and testing your installed fonts. Using the tester window you can experiment with the size, colour and style of a phrase to help you choose which font to use.
Web Tester 2.0 (812 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) is a smart little program that allows you to try out all your .gif and .jpg background images to see how they would look on a web page.
Iview 2.0 (733 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) is a fast, easy to use image, sound and avi viewer.
Calendar 1.0 (130 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) Calendar is a program for all those people who don't want all the bells and whistles when they look up a date, just an easy to use (and small) utility.
Cats and Ladders 1.0 (336 KB) - (Windows 95/NT) is a pc version of our popular Java applet game.

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