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onMouseOver Image Effects - How to create images that change when you run your cursor over them.
Sky Simulation - Change the background colour and main image depending on the time of day.
Date Last Modified - Add some code to your pages that automatically changes when the page is modified.
Midi Jukebox - When you press the buttons a new little window opens up to play the selected midi file.
Status Bar Text - How to add comments to the status bar with text and image links.
Message Box - Create pop-up message boxes for your site.
Random Background - Randomly change the background every time the page is loaded.
History Navigation - Allow your visitors to navigate using their browser's history.
Animation Control - Allow your visitors to download and view images when they wish, i.e. no automatic download.
Image Sequence - Every time the mouse is passed over the image it changes to the next image in the sequence - very cool for cartoons!
Linking Tricks - How to create special links to other pages using select objects and onMouseOver on links :)

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